Outlook Web Access



Do you need to access your work email, calendar, notes, tasks, or contacts?


Click here or on the icon above to

launch Outlook Web Access.


Note:  To send encrypted email from Outlook or Outlook Web Access simply put (encrypt) in the subject line.  For example:


Outlook Encryption Add-In Installer for Microsoft Outlook Application.

Instructions:  Close Outlook, click the link above, and click “Download Outlook Add-In Installer” then click “Run”.


Workflow Applications


ADP WorkForce

Google Chrome Required



Omni Eye FTP Site - Outside Office

Omni Eye FTP Site - Inside Office

G Drive - Please click to Connect



Remote Access Servers

NextGen Primary

v5.8 UD1 KBM 8.3.5




Note:  Compatible with

Windows only.


v.5.8 UD2 KBM 8.3.10



NextGen Share

v.5.8 UD1 KBM 8.3.5

Note:  Compatible with Windows only.




IT and EHR Support

 Enter IT or NextGen Support Ticket:

Username: omnieye password: omnieye


ICS RemoteAssist



Hours: 7:30am-6:30pm M-F



Sales: 201-342-8240

Help Desk Support: 201-488-1670


After Hours, Mission Critical and Server

Down Emergency Hotline:

201-488-1670 x333

Barracuda Spam Firewall

This firewall is responsible for trapping any spam or virus infected email that should not be entering our email servers. Whenever this happens, you will receive an email from Barracuda at 3:40pm every day informing you of possible spam.


Utilize the special username and password given to you and 'white list' or 'black list' the mail message.


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Application Support



Ipswitch Instant Messenger